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Depending on volume and frequent client status, our regular rates range
0.16 to 0.08 per word, with specialty copy (small advertising copy
pieces that require adaptations and are more time-consuming, like banners,
headlines and taglines) priced slightly higher.  
And we are very flexible!  We
can always work with you to fit the budget of a particular project.  

In addition to our regular volume and frequent client discounts, every time you
work on a project with us,  the size of the
translation memory we have created
for you increases.  Every time a previously translated sentence comes up, we will
automatically credit a percentage to your final invoice.

With time, you will improve your branding consistency and save money along
the way.  
We are NOT an agency, but a team of dedicated translators and writers.  
You are dealing DIRECTLY with the people responsible for your project.
No Agency = No Middleman = Great Rates
No Agency
= No Outsourcing = Outstanding Artisan Quality
Please contact us to request our 2008 Spanish Language Services & Rates Sheet.
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