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Sometimes you need more than a translation. You need to translate a radio  
or film script that needs to read and feel like spoken language. It needs to  
flow naturally and it certainly cannot be a direct translation from its English
counterpart.  Perhaps the names need to be changed and the characters
need to have a different tone than the original English to better represent your
Hispanic audience.  

Our rates start at $50 per hour of work to adapt your script into Spanish, and we
are glad to include a back translation that reflects and/or explains all changes
made so it's easy for you to review and approve.  Our estimates include a
maximum charge cap per project, so you can stay within your

contact us to request our 2008 Spanish Language Services & Rates Sheet.
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We are NOT an agency, but a team of dedicated translators and writers.  
You are dealing DIRECTLY with the people responsible for your project.
No Agency = No Middleman = Great Rates
No Agency
= No Outsourcing = Outstanding Artisan Quality