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Step 1:        Receive original source and reference material.
Step 2:        Material Analysis to determine challenges, opportunities, word       
                    counts.  This is where we contact you to ask you basic questions    
                    like what is your target audience, what is the intended use of        
                    your material, etc.
Step 3:        We send a quotation and a delivery date estimate, taking             
                    back-and-forth interaction for review and validation, as well as     
                    research time into account, if needed.
Step 4:        We assign your project to one or more of us for translation, and      
                    to an additional team member for proofreading and quality          
Step 5:        We translate, proofread, and edit your material.
Step 6:        We ask you to review our work before it is typeset by you, or if you
                    are a corporate client, your agency.  This is where you inform us of
                    changes or make your suggestions.
Step 7:        Our proofreader (editor) applies your changes and suggestions      
                    and rechecks formatting.
Step 8:        We send the material back to you for a final validation and           
                    approval. Your document is ready for typesetting.
Step 9:        After your project is typeset, we ask that you send it back to us in   
                    PDF format for a final formatting review.