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We have ample experience learning your business culture and
terminology.  We have helped many companies build glossaries and
bilingual terminology databases and translate, proofread and edit:

in various industries: building materials (cement), non-alcoholic in various
industries: building materials (cement), non-alcoholic beverages, poultry,
bread, among others.
poultry, bread, among others.

Press Releases - We have regular clients for whom we translate press
releases weekly for their immediate release on their websites.
Letters and Memos - Any original material you create for your business will
be accurately translated to convey the intended meaning.
Employee Manuals - Our clients past and present include big names in
retail, entertainment, food, and manufacturing industries.
Websites - We can help you localize your website in Spanish, no matter
what type of Spanish you require.  Of course we suggest a standard
Spanish for a wider audience, but we recognize you may have specific
requirements and we are ready to meet them.